Layout I'm trying to accomplish

Hello Themeco!

So, I’m trying to implement this layout…I know some of it will be custom and I’ve got not problem doing that aspect, yet I’m having a hell of a time figuring this out.

Can I achieve this layout??

Hello @troyassoignon,

Thanks for asking, :slight_smile:

As you are using Pro Theme, it should not be much of an issue to design the layout as shown in the mockup. To help you get started, I have recorded a sample screencast that you can take a look. I also suggest you to take a look at our header builder tutorial to learn more.


Yep! Using pro theme, perfect! I’ll implement this today and report back. Thank you so much!

@Prasant in regards to this, my main question I think would be the offer box on the left and keeping blog content on the right. The header section completely doable.

Hi Troy.

For that, you can set those contents to a sidebar to the widget area:

Whatever you add to the main sidebar area will be displayed to the sidebar of the post page if you have set the setting in Pro > Theme Options > Layout and Design > Content Layout > Sidebar Left, Content Right.

Hope this helps.

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