Launch Lightbox with V2 Buttons

Hi is there a way to launch the lightbox using V2 Buttons?

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Thank you for writing in! Yeah sure, first you need to place a lightbox shortcode on your page (I advise you put it on the bottom of the page). You can place it on a RAW Content element.

[lightbox selector=".lbx"]

Then apply a CLASS lbx to your button


Of course you can have your own class-name on your button class and lightbox selector.

Shortcodes - [lightbox]

Keep in mind that the lightbox shortcode is for Images and Videos gallery only. Not meant for pages.

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Thanks for this!

You’re welcome!

Hey, thanks!

I put the YouTube embed link in V2 button URL field and the video worked in lightbox, full screen. Is that the right place for the vid URL though?

Also, if I want multiple videos to show in lightbox i.e vid gallery, where do I put the other vids’ URLs?

One more thing, how do I make the YT vid play automatically? it currently doesn’t, it just show up and the visitor has to click “play”

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Thanks for updating this thread. It’s good to know that it is working for you. You are doing the right way.

1.) If you want to add multiple videos, you might need another button. You cannot add multiple videos in one button link.

2.) To make youtube video play automatically, please add “&autoplay=1” to the video’s embed code right after the video ID (the series of letters that follows “v/”).

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" 

If you are using youtube link, just add the &autoplay=1 to the link;

Hope this helps.

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