Knowledge Base/Tutorials for Pro

Hi guys,

Can someone link me to the tutorials and info on how to use Pro?

Thank you!

Hey @artthescience

There is an official Knowledge Base found here

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Thank you ! @michaelbourne :slight_smile:

Any idea as to why is this resource not easily found or a link off the user profile options?

I recall in old Theme X days, the knowledge base was a link off the main dashboard.

It is hard to find sometimes! Most prevalent link is on the categories page, under the two main forums.

Hi again,

I have just explored the Knowledge Base and I have found nothing on what the new V2 elements offer and videos on how to use them. All videos seem to be for Footers/Headers, so there is nothing available to learn about the new added Cornerstone features/controls. Please let me know if I have missed these tutorials. I am looking for a detailed overview with examples on how to use each new V2 element, for example the “Content Area”. Is there a video showing how to build a page with V2 elements? Thanks.

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@donwattz1459 Has a youtube channel full of Pro V2 videos


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Channel now removed. :frowning: