Jump to section covers parts on Firefox

I use Renew stack and have an issue with jumps to sections on the start page that cover parts.
But only on Firefox - Safari and Chrome work properly.
I use a fixed menu and it seems to be the reason.
I use a custom JS from support forum but on Firefox it does not work.
I send you the link in a secure note.
Thank you,

Please use Firefox to visit this page:
Then click on the main menu item “Pilates”.
It should open the starting page and jump to the #pilates anchor.
It does, but the fixed menu covers the upper part of the section.

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! I have checked the pages and I could not replicate the issue.

It is all functioning correctly in my Safari and Firefox. By the way, I noticed that you are trying to apply a one page navigation. Do you have two sets of menu? You should create one. The first menu would be for the primary menu and the second one will be assigned and exclusively use for the one page navigation menu. This menu is the one to have #{section-ID} which is needed for one page navigation. For more details on how you can implement one page navigation properly, please check out this codex: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/features-how-to-setup-one-page-navigation/96

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your fast response.
I use latest Firefox on Mac.
If I open this page https://www.brennpunkt-pilates.de/#pilates the headline is covered by the fixed menu.
Can you replicate this?

Hi There,

It seems your X theme & Cornerstone plugin are outdated. Could you please update them to the latest version?

Let us know how it goes!

You are right - now it is up to date.
The issue is still there.
Can you replicate it?

Hey @salilou,

I have replicated the issue in my test site so this looks like a bug. I’ll post this in our issue tracker so our development team would be made aware once they go through the list of reports.

We’re sorry sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you!

You’re welcome.

Would you mind trying to completely remove that custom javascript? It looks like the issue on your site is that the old custom javascript snippet is conflicting with recent updates to how anchor navigation is setup. After removing it, could you let me know so I can check the site? Thanks!

OK, I removed the JS code.
But now the menubar disappears on Mac Firefox.
See screenshot in secure note.

And now I noticed that on Mac Safari the first clicked menu item of the menu bar jumps to the section and the upper part is covered by the fixed menu, again.

I see. Thanks for the additional info. Would you mind providing login credentials in a secure note? This would help us get a better idea of what might be happening. Thanks!

Here are the credentials

Thanks! Combined with the info Christian shared with me about this bug and trying it out on your site we were able to get this solved. I’ve installed a patched version of X on your site that includes the fix. You can safely update to the next version once it’s available on automatic updates.

Thank you - it worked!

You’re most welcome!

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