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hi , is there an option to enter jump links in to my sites or do I need to Code write it? thanks

Hi Corina,

Thanks for writing in! Please follow this post for detailed information on how to achieve that (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/scroll-to-section/35485/2?u=mldarshana).

Hope that helps.

thank you, just one thing, you are linking to a photo, I will jump to text, dose each text needs to be in a single section? or is there a possibility that I can highlight the title where it need to be linked? at the moment the large text is all in the same section separated from the different headers which I want to jump to.
reason why I am taking is that there is only one ID box per section.
thanks corina

Hi again,

If you need to scroll to the title, just give an ID to the title. If you have different titles in a same section then you can give different IDs to all the titles in a section and then you can reference them via links. Please see this also https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/features-how-to-setup-one-page-navigation/96

Hope this helps!

Hi. OK maybe I have not explained myself very well, sorry.
I do not want to link to a manu point as I know how to do this. I like to have a jump link which is on the same page from a title which then jumps down in to the text area, where this area is. I have attached a screenshot with the different bulletpoint that need to be linked or jumped down to the relevant text. can you help?

The video from mldarshana makes sense but he is jumping to a photo which shows the ID insert. but a text doe only show the LINK icon.

that is what I am doing but it is not lining.

anchor link where to go < a name = " accommodation ">
From the title < a href = "# accommodation " >

Accommodation (closing the link) < /a >

thanks C

Hey There,

Thank you for the clarifications. Instead of using <a name=" accommodation ">, since you are using Cornerstone in builder your page, please add an ID to one of your section for the accommodation.
For example, like this:

And then in one of the text elements in the same page, you can link by using

< a href="#accommodation">Accommodation</a>

Once the link is clicked, the page should scrolled to the correct section on the page.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

Hi again. No , the reason why it is not working is following.
I set up 1 section with 3 columns, each of the columns has text listed , . Accommodation, Kids Travel Gear, Book your flight etc. and these titles I would link to the text below which is set in section 3.

The problem is I cannot just highlight accommodation and set en ID as it is not giving me this option. It is giving me the option to add an ID in the entire Column. But this is not what I need. SO how to I best set up the LIST so that I can jump link it to the text below?

I am confident we will get there :slight_smile:

Hi Corina,

To avoid further confusions, could you please provide us with the URL to your example page that you have setup. So that we can check and assist you accordingly.

Make sure to use secure note option (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/how-to-get-support/288) if you want to provide login credentials to your site.


in the pink box are the titels I like to jump down top the accurate text.

Hi Corina,

You can target the text element only and you can also add the code manually in the text element, please check this video:


hi Alaa, and what do I add to the anchor ? here you only added a code to the actual title but now the need to be linked or jumped down to the text.
Aslo I added the code refreshed but it dose not show to me that there is a link on this word. But this is maybe because there is no anchor set yet?
I can just not believe that such a simple task is so difficult. do I miss something. I tried all your options it dose not even show that this is a link.


ok I figured it out with this help THANKS anyway guys!!

  1. Identify Where the Jump Will Start and End

There are two parts in a page jump – target text and the link.
When the link is clicked, it will bring your visitors to the place in the page where the target text exists. You’ll have some text at the top of the page, that you may want to use to create jump links.

For example, let’s say you have some topics like these.

1: Introduction

2: Body

3: Conclusion

Then you’ll have subheadings on your page, using, say, Header 3 style, that matches with the topics.

Locate the end point or the target text, i.e. the subheadings on the text editor.

It will probably look like this:

1: Introduction


  1. Add an id Attribute to your HTML

Once you’ve located the target text to create the jump link, you’ll need to add some code to the tag. The code we’re adding here is the id attribute. Add the code in the heading tag such that this:

1: Introduction

becomes this:

1: Introduction

Pay attention to the spaces. Leave a space before the “id” but there shouldn’t be any space between the closing quotation mark and the > symbol. Remember, you’re only adding characters.

The text inside the quotation marks is the identification for the link to use. You are free to use any word or letters that you like. Just make sure there are no spaces since that can cause problems in older browsers. Also, be sure to use a unique ID for each target that you create.

Hey There,

We are just glad that you have figured it out a way to correct the said issue.
We really appreciate for letting us know!

Best Regards.

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