Issues with Non-Profit ExpandedDemo

Hi. I’m using the new non-profit expanded demo, but I’m having a few issues that I can’t figure out.

  1. On the home page, there is a very large amount of white space between the header and the first headline. I’d like it cut in half.

  2. On the blog page, the opposite problem is happening and the content of the posts are right up against the header. This works on the remaining pages because a picture is used to create a barrier. Can I adjust the posts page to allow for more space between the header and content?

  3. Also on the blog page, the masonry columns get rammed together as you scroll down and overlap. How do I tell it to function like a masonry blog in integrity?

  4. The two slide above the header on the hompage rotate very slowly. How can I speed up the transition?

Thank you!


Thank you for writing in!

Follow the answers to your questions:

1. This space is applicated by the column padding and you can decrease it changing this value: click here.

2. You can fix it adding following CSS under the code below to X > Launch > Options > CSS

.blog .x-container {
    padding-top: 7%;

3. You can use The Grid plugin to accomplish this:

4. To change the speed transition go to Dashboard > Slider Revolution > Click on the cogs icon in the slider thumbnail > General Settings > Defaults > And change the default speed duration:


Thank you so very much!!!

The padding adjustment for the blog didn’t seem to do much. And I’m still thinking there is a better solution to fixing the blog other than implementing The Grid. Isn’t there some CSS to establish a column width?

Hello There,

I have edited your secure note.

By the way, your blog is currently set to have a two column layout. You can change this in the theme options. Just go to X > Launch > Options > Blog and set the columns to three. Please keep in mind that masonry layout will fill empty gaps in the layout. To arrange the items in the proper order, it is highly recommended that your post item contents should be of the same height.

Hope this helps.