Issues on Mobile

I’m having many issues on the mobile version of this site I’m working on. Submenus in the footer are disappearing behind other elements on smaller sizes. The menu items also aren’t lining up well at all on mobile. Is there a way to change the flex settings so they shrink or so columns look better on the mobile footer?

There are also several issues with the navbar and buttons in general simply not being clickable on mobile.

I’m also having a heck of a time formatting the image at the top of the homepage for mobile viewing.

I’m also having issues with one of the bars in my footer being cut off on the homepage in mobile. Help me out please! I don’t get my last payment until this is resolved.

There is also some sort of weird artifacting that’s happening in the top image on the home page on mobile.

Hi Crashgirl,

Thank you for writing in, you need to set the Bar’s height to auto so it will respond freely to its content.

You have two ways of resolving your issue of repositioning the footer elements on mobile, first is by utilizing the Hide During Breakpoints option.

This means that you will have a separate bar for desktop view and a separate bar for mobile view. the cons of this is you will have duplicate elements.

Or if you don’t like duplicating your elements. Please follow the following links below and configure your Flexbox layout better.

A Complete Guide to Flexbox
Using Flexbox

Hope that helps,

Thanks for the tips and the links. I’m hoping to avoid duplicating lots of elements, but maybe I’ll find something in the guides you posted. Thankfully I figured out the issue with my navbar and buttons not being clickable. I had to disable the content dock. Somehow it was in the way of the other elements even though it wasn’t visible and it’s contents weren’t enable for mobile.

You’re most welcome!

I am still getting strange artifacts in the top image on the homepage while in mobile. It’s in a container as a parallax background. I’ve set it’s position to be fixed so a line of text will scroll up onto it. Any thoughts on this?

Nevermind, I got it! Thanks for the articles on using flex!

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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