Issues getting staging site to work

This is on SiteGround. I am unable to edit files. This is what support said"

have carefully checked the case and it seems the issue is caused by the fact that your theme is domain dependent and can not be used on any other domain than

The theme seems like custom-designed and has checkers which detect that the URL is different and brings up the error message.

Unfortunately in this situation this design feature of your theme is not compatible with the staging environment and there is no workaround.

Best Regards,

Anton Panov
Technical Support Team

I will provide login info. Please advise.

Just to be sure I reset the validation code which did not help. This is the error
The preview could not load due to misconfigured URLs. This could happen if you are using multiple environments and the site URL was not updated after migrating.

Hello @vocalico,

Thanks for writing in!

I checked the website and licence manager, I can see that you have validated the staging setup of which login details are also shared in secure note. After login, I checked under Settings > General and can see that it’s still using old WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL).

Please update WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) to staging URL for Pro Theme content builder to work properly.


It continues to revert back to the site url. I tried to go to wp-config and htaccess but It is not showing there. It is automatic information from creating the staging site. I am at a loss.

I did get an update from the host. I don’t understand the issue here. SiteGround is one of the hosts you promote and apparently your theme does not work in the staging environment? …

"Be advised that our staging environment is specifically designed to work on our hosting, where the staging will actually be configured with the live site URL, however you will still see in the browser.

Any changes on the staging URL will affect the staging and most probably will lead to issues where you will be unable to push the staging copy to live. For that matter we do not recommend to make any changes on the staging URLs.

That said if you wish you can clone the site to subdomain like and try to use the theme there. That way you will be able to work on the site if indeed the theme that you are using is domain dependent.

However for a staging site, you should not perform changes on the URL.

If you have any other enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best Regards,

Todor Grozdanov
Technical Support Team"

Hi @vocalico,

This is actually a concern that was brought up to our attention about the SiteGround staging environment.

To read more about it and for a workaround, please check this link:

Hope this helps.

No. It does not help and right now I am very angry. That you did not state this clearly from the top has cost me hours on this project and it is reprehensible. That being said, if I use an older version of Pro, will I still have the same issues. It seems to be tied to SiteGround but also is based on more current versions. Regards. Georgia

Hi Georgia,

Were you able to try to apply this workaround?

Please note that even if you will use an older version of Pro, you will still get the same issue because of the way SiteGround setup their Staging and Live environment that shares the same database when the two should be separate since the things you do to the staging should be for testing and the live for the production environment.

Let us know how it goes.

I had to switch horses for this project. But thank you for your help. I hope the two of you can work this out for future.

Yes, well do. Our developers will communicate with them and hopefully get this to work in the future.
Best Regards.

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