Issue with Epic News Elements for improved Blog V2

Hi, I’m working with Epic News Elements plugin to replace the Basic blog from Pro and it is having some issues.
I have deactivate other plugins to see if there was a problem of compatibility but no solution. I need to solve it from Pro.
How can I solve it?

I have triede with other themes and it works. But with pro some options are not avaulable as you can see on the picture

Thank you!

Hi @Iban,

Pro are coded based on wordpress standard. There are also so many plugins out there and as much as we want we can’t promise compatibility on all of them because it is not our hands. We don’t have control on third party plugin codes… Even if I submit this to our developer for investigation, it might take time because it will only take precedence on the queue once we receive multiple requests about this plugin.

Based on what you share though, why not try ESSENTIAL GRID. It is a compatible plugin and comes free with the theme. Those option above is also available on Essential grid and there are skin builder so you can build any look you want. Hope this helps.

Hi, essential grid is not the same that Epic News plugin. Pro has good things, but has not an ideal good looking blog or easy to set up… so Epic can do the job. What I don’t understand is how come Epic works with other themes and WPBackery but there is a conflict with PRO. I really would appreciate Epic to fully work with pro. I’m stuck right now.

Thank you.

Hello @Iban,

Is Epic New plugin an extension for the WPBakery Page Builder? If it is, then go to WPBakery Page Builder > General Settings and disable the “Legacy X Integration” option so that you will be using the Vanilla version of the plugin.

We would love to know if this has worked for you. Thank you.

HI RueNel,

Yes, it is for WPBakery. The option Legacy X integration was disabled. The issues are with that disabled.

Glad to hear it is sorted, Iban.

Hi Jade,

On my reply I said that it is not working properly even with theLegacy X being disabled. (It was already disabled)

Hello Iban,

Thanks for updating the thread.

Apologies for the confusion. Can you please share the login details in secure note for us to take a closer look? Please note that it’s a 3rd party plugin issue and providing support for the same falls outside the scope of support we offer. However, I can take a look at the setup and if suggest you the next course of action that needs to be taken in case I uncover any issues.


Hi, here it is.

This is how it should look when customizing. You can see that the options are available. (Not on my site)

Social icons also not showing.

Hi Iban,

I went to your website and tried to troubleshoot the case. Unfortunately, I could not find the problem cause. I am willing to investigate more, but it will require staging website. The current website that you have is live and I cannot risk disabling plugins or changing the theme to test.

This is not part of our support as there is a conflict with a third-party plug-in that we do not support. Please kindly consider this as an extra step to be able to help you find the problem cause and report it to the plug-in developer.

We are going to wait for the staging version of the website to follow up the case and give you the troubleshooting report.

Thank you for your understanding.

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