Is there a document explaining the handling of font size in the X theme?

I’ve experimented with making changes to the settings in Option>Typography in order to change the font size of the smaller text on the home page. I’m working from the Agency demo data and I’m referring to, for example, the Lorem Ipsum underneath the “We are silvertooth” header.

With the font manager is disabled, I’ve tried increasing all the root font sizes but nothing changes. I’ve also chosen Body Copy under BODY FONT, changed the CONTENT FONT SIZE (REM) to 1.5 and nothing changed.

With the font manager enabled, I’m completely at a loss on how to know how to change fonts and font sizes. I’m a full-stack Adobe user so I’d like to incorporate Typekit.

Do you have a training video or document that might help me understand font management in the X theme?


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Hey there,

For the font manager and typekit integration, please see

The detail for the Typography options is in the info.

Regretfully, there is no training video. I’ve created a demo of stepped font size setup at

The scaling setup is pretty straight forward and works like the Reponsive Text feature. See


I want to globally setup all my font sizes in ONE PLACE and not having to tweak again on the page level. How do I control each size like P, H1 ,H2,H3…

I don’t understand this ROOT SIZE, what is it based on?

Hello Pierre,

To better understand Responsive Typography, please check this out:

The article should explain the stepped or scaling and the Root size.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

Ok that’s what I needed, thanks.

We are delighted to assist you with this.