Is Slider Revolution gone from Pro?

Can anyone tell me if Slider Rev is no longer part of Pro? If it is, how do I get it to show up?

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Slider Revolution can be used in Pro theme. If you are referring to the Slider Settings: Below/Above Masthead settings, then most probably the slider no longer displays because you have assigned a custom header. Please understand that the slider settings is part of the default header. As soon as you create and assign a custom header, the slider will be replaced along with the default header with the new custom header. If you want to display a slider in your custom header, you will need to create a bar and insert a text element. You can then make sue of the slider shortcode and be able to display the slider within your custom header.

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Ok, I do have a custom header that I am working on. That makes sense. Is there a tutorial on using this in custom headers somewhere that I can research so that I don’t have to bombard this forum with tons of questions?

Hi @RobertRees,

You can start from that documentation below, you can add a Slider to your custom header by adding a Bar, then on that bar add Content Area element, and paste your Slider shortcode on that Content Area element.

Pro - Header and Footer Builder Introduction

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