Interactive new user tutorial

so awesome that there is a badge to win following the interactive new user tutorial.

it would be even more awesome if it was easier to find the tutorial. Where can I find it?


Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

You can visit our Knowledge Base index page to find out the tutorials. We do have interactive tutorials for modules like Header and Footer builder, Cornerstone builder etc. However I do agree that finding out videos and KB navigation is a bit tedious process as of now. We are aware of the problem that our customers are facing. As of now I am not in the position to share the ETA but we are in the process of redesigning our KB section. It will have a much more user friendly navigation system. We are also coming up with more tutorials including videos to explain the concepts. For latest product announcements I suggest you to please keep an eye on the changelog page.

For now I request you to please take a look at the tutorials to get started.


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