Integrity 1 Demo pages? Help where are they?

I searched for answers. I have loaded the standard demo theme for integrity 1. In my previous sites using Integrity 1 all the pages loaded and a sample blog. I don’t want to use the images etc, just the layout. I saw one post where he said you have to build your own pages??? Is there not templates to these pages?? If I choose one of the expanded, they do not have the same layout as integrity and I have to start again. This somewhat defeats the purpose?

For example the team page?

Love your wisdom on this!

  1. Can I add the demo pages as in Integrity 1?
    2.Can I export templates from my other websites?
  2. In the standard demo, the animations are not there ;o(

Hi LoveBug,

Thanks for writing in!

1.) The actual pages and posts for Integrity demo 1 are only these;


All other pages of almost a hundred pages were used as sales page showcasing how the page will look like when it has a sidebar, fullwidth, shortcode demos, etc. Which page exactly you are trying to replicate? It might be included in the Starter Pack templates which is available when you enable it in the template Manager.

2.) Yes, you can save pages as templates and import it to other sites by utilizing the Templates Manager.
Please check out this knowledge base article:

3.) The sliders in standard demo contents will not be included during the import. Only in the expanded demos where in you can have a 1-1 copy of the demo site. This has explained in detail in our knowledge base article:

To know how you can add your own Revolution Slider or LayerSlider into the site, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

where can I get templates of the pages that have teams on them?

Hello LoveBug,

To get the templates, please go to X > Templates and install the Starter Pack.

And then create a new page and edit it Cornerstone. In the Cornerstone Layout tab in the Left Panel, load the templates. Regretfully the team’s page is not part of the starter pack. If you can give me access to your site, I would be happy to recreate the team’s page for you instead. If you wouldn’t mind, please create a secure note in your next reply and add your WP credentials. To know how to create a secure note, please check this out:


I loaded the templates. I see that the promo is a classic element now. however when I load it, it only has the image and not the options with the header and the Botton in the actuall promo itself ? It seems like it’s not the same as it has been???

Is is possible to get the proper short code to ad the promo as it use to be? attached image which is shown on the advertising of the options for Integrity 1 and for the theme itself.

Thank you for your help

Hello @SherryAnn22,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

You can use the shortcode from following page. Please make sure to replace the image URL with your own.


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