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I see that i-lightbox plugin is included for free in the x-theme, how can I install it?

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There is no need to install ilightbox manually as it’s integrated into the theme and not a standalone plugin. You can take a loo at following article for demo lightbox:


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Let us know how it goes.


Hi and man you guys are quick. The reason that I asked to install the i-lighbox plugin is that I have spent 2 full days trying to make it work with shortcodes with no success.
What I want to do is very simple. I like to make a lightbox for single images and videos, that is it.

I have even followed instructional videos like this one which is done for x-theme and I-lightbox

And while it works in the video, it doesn’t work for me. The code in the bottom of the video is not the same as the one in the video which I have used.

1: Can you provide me with the code for putting a lightbox for single images and videos?

2: If you can’t and I buy I-lightbox plugin will it conflict with your code

3: If I use another lightbox plugin like wp-lightbox will it conflict with your code
I am not a developer but have designed a very good website at but I can’t solve this problem
Below is the code that I use for the 3 images in the video example, I have tried both raw element and classic text element for the code

3 images in the video:

[lightbox selector=".single" deeplink=“true” opacity=“0.875” prev_scale=“0.75” prev_opacity=“0.75” next_scale=“0.75” next_opacity=“0.75” orientation=“horizontal” thumbnails=“true”]

1 image:
[lightbox selector=".single" link=“true”]

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If you checkout the link I have shared we have listed the code that can be used to display media files in lightbox effect. You just need to copy that code and replace the file path. Please take a look at the docs again.

Something I noticed that upon visiting your website, it’s redirecting me to URL. It seems that you have installed WordPress not in the root folder instead under root folder there is a wordpress folder. I just wanted to let you know about this. To move WordPress to root folder, you can take a look at following tutorials:



Thanks for quick reply. I am actually using integrity and am well aware of the codes provided for the lightbox there

I have been looking for a solution that works for 2 full days and have looked at all options. The problem is when I followed the instruction in the video which uses the short-codes in above page, it worked in the video and not for me, it should have worked in both cases. Then something is wrong!

I even provided you with code which I have used for 3 images and one image as well. So you provide me with a link to the Ethos and not answering the rest of the questions is not satisfactory, it shows that you guys don’t read the question carefully.

I will appreciate if you guys read my previous post and answering all of the questions in it. I have one additional question as well…

I use the classic elements but for example, when I put an image in the post, I can’t see the shortcodes in the text tab. I have turned on the option so they are hidden in the X-setting, however, I can’t find them, why is this.

I can’t believe that putting a light-box on a single image and a single video is so complicated in x-theme.

Wher can I get an answer for getting the shortcodes for one image and video which does work?



Single image lightbox code

[image class="single" src="image-3.jpg" link="true" lightbox_caption="I'm the third image."]
[lightbox selector=".single"]

Single video lightbox code

[image class="single-video" src="image-1.jpg" link="true" href="//" lightbox_video="true"]
[lightbox class=".single-video"]

I have created a test page in your site so you can check the code -

2 & 3) We haven’t fully tested these plugins, so we can’t guarantee 100% that it will work.
Though we always recommend to make use of the theme native features instead of third party plugins.

  1. With regards to classic elements, I am not exactly sure what you are referring to. Can yu provide us screenshots



I hope all is well. First of all thank you very much for making a page for me, I truly appreciate it. But I can’t get the lightbox when I hover or click on the images when I click on images, nothing happens. I have tried it on Chrome and Firefox.

Did you test the page that you made for me? did it work on your side?

Hello There,

I am another staff checking in. I do not encounter any issues at the test page at all.

Please clear all your caches including your browser cache or use private browsing mode and test the page again.


I hope all is well. I did use your code (thank you) with a new image and the lightbox effect is there, please see

I think the problem was linking the image to the media file which had to be done while putting the image on the page. However, I have to use the back arrow to get out of the lightbox effect, escape or just clicking on it doesn’t do the job. Doesn’t it have to have a close (x) or something like it?

Hi @masouds,

I have testing your setup and it is working well.

I could easily press escape or clicking outside the box or using the X button to close the lightbox.

Not sure what is the problem now.



Believe me, I have no idea what the problem is either. However, I have really have spent over 30 hours on this problem and will not pursue it any longer.

This is for the others who may see this thread. One of my problems was using the RAW element in the row below the image which is WRONG, don’t do it. The RAW element should be placed in a separate section below the image.

But I have installed wp-featherlight plugin and it works perfectly. The images or videos do open in a lightbox and there is an (X) to close it easily.

The deal is that if one works, both should have worked and I couldn’t get the I-Lightbox to work for me. Again, I don’t know what the problem is that I couldn’t close the lightbox on my end.

God Bless. Thanks for your help, Masoud

You are welcome Masoud and thanks for sharing your experience!

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