Installed X but old content not tallying up

Hi, I left a post in the peer to peer forum but had no answer and I’m posting something more detailed here.

have built a WP site 3 months ago and bought the X theme this week. I’ve installed it, the child theme and cornerstone. When I launch from WP I chose the Integrity stack. I’m having the following problems:

  1. all I can see in that stack (preview) is in latin and there is no main menu (I can’t see where to add to the menu)
  2. the content and menus do not tally up with what I used to have. How to I import the settings so I don’t have to do it all over again?
  3. when I go to launch > content: I can see some of my old posts and pages but I also see some random demo stuff
  4. generally it’s not clear how to bring it all together

What shall I do?! Can you please help? I spent the whole day on this and tonight and tomorrow is the only time I can do it :frowning:

Many thanks in advance

Hello @MotherTongueNotes,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

  1. Menu: To display navigation in header, you need to assign primary menu using Appearance > Menu > Manage Location .
  2. As you haven’t provided much detail, it’s a bit difficult for me to suggest you potential solutions. Can you please elaborate?
  3. You can delete demo posts and pages from Posts > All Posts and Pages > All Pages respectively.
  4. Please let us know the specific questions you have and we will try our level best to assist you. I also suggest you to invest sometime going through our knowledgebase articles to get yourself compfortable with X Theme.


Thanks @Prasant.

  1. sorted, thanks.

As to 2. and 3.: I go to WP > Launch > Content and I can see some posts are being pulled through into a template but I need to make further changes to it visually and more importantly, to copy. I also go to Launch > Options but find it really hard to see how it all comes together - what I already had, adding new features, new copy, pulling old pages and copy etc. And a gudie to how best approach it, what to do first as I feel I’m going in circles and getting tangled up.

In WP> X>Overview there is a Customizer Manager: Choose FileChoose an XCS file or drag it here to import. How does that work? would it help if I do that? How does it work?

I’ve read the links you posted in your reply, but is there anywhere a dummys guide to how it all works and pulling it together. I am not technically minded at all and came to X expecting a super easy experience, but ended up messing my site. Help pleeeease!


Hi Andrea,

Thanks for contacting us. Lets clarify a few things.

If you started to build your website using a different theme and still want to use the content of your old website you can find all your pages on WP Admin > Pages >

Note that pages built outside of Cornerstone cannot be edited with Cornerstone so if you find your pages via X > Launch > Content you might not be able to edit the content of these pages without erasing them, in that case I would reccomend you creating a new page to copy and paste the content from the original pages into Cornerstone pages or edit this pages in classic WP editor if you wish so.

Customizer manager is useful just if you have exported the customizer settings from another X Theme website.

X > Launch > Theme Options is where you set the general styling of your website simiarly to the customizer, but we recommend you using Theme Options on X instead of Customizer.

There you will set the footer, header, button styling among many options.

Your pages ideally should be edited with Cornerstone the X Theme Page Builder. I do reccomend you using the classic elements to start.

When you search the elements in Cornerstone you will notice there is Text and Classic Text. The Classic elements have less parameters and it is much easier for you to start with.

If you are finding content that you dont need what it is , I would suggest checking if you think you might use it or not and in case it is not necessary delete it so your backend is more organized.

If you have specific issues you are facing, plese let us know in a list like you did before and provide more detail about what you are trying to achieve,

Thank you

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