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Hi there,

I am trying to find the main demo for installing it but I cannot find. I want a page simlar to this however it is not any demo similar.

Waiting for your replies

Thank you very much

Hey Angel,

Thanks for writing in.

Regretfully, is our sales page and is not part of our demos:

You can read more information regarding our demos like what’s included at In the article, it’s mentioned that the closest demo to our sales page is our Integrity 1 demo:

You can find more tutorials in our Knowledge Base like setting up a Slider Above the Masthead which is the first part in our sales page.

Thank you for understanding.

Hi! Thanks for your pront reply.

I think that is a bit confused for the user (at less for me). I clicked on “Live Preview” and understood that this was going to be a “Demo Preview Page”. Would it be possible to cancel my purchase and recover the money to buy another one with a “Demo page” more similar to my idea?


Hi Angel,

You actually do not have to purchase a separate license of X if you want to use another demo.

You can simply choose from the demo content available:

If you want a full site, you might want to look at the Expanded Demos as those type of demos include the complete site pages.

Hope this explains it.

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