Instagram Feed Failing

Hey folks,

I’ve got a bunch of X sites but there’s one ( that has intermittent problems with the Instagram Feed by Smash Balloons (I’m posting this to them too).

Every month or so, the plugin fails with this error:

Cache Error: Looking for cache that doesn’t exist. Now using a backup feed.

We flush the site cache, purge the OP cache, flush the plugin cache, re-API everything… and then it comes back online. But super annoying!

I’m using WP Rocket on the site as well (they’ll get the message too), but wondering if anyone else has run into this issue? How did you resolve it?



Hello Luke,

Thanks for writing in!

The plugin you are referring too is a 3rd party plugin. Any issues that you face should be redirected to the plugin developers as providing support for the same falls outside the scope of support we offer.

You can take a look at the solution shared in following threads:

Thanks for understanding.

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