Instagram API Issue - The Grid

Hi @Prasant , with all due respect the plugin developer released an update which works. How about letting us update to it rather than quoting out of date information?

I think the problem is that we have to create a facebook api with instagram access. Would be great if someone could reach out to the developer and ask? Since we dont get access to the support forum

Hello @spaghettiweb and @adverman and @stephenvz,

The latest version of The Grid plugin which is 2.6.15 just removed the Instagram API section from the Global Settings > Social API section.

In the message that plugin developer gave he explained the reason which @Prasant already shared with you.

So at the moment, the problem is that Instagram is going to stop the support of the API and it will be not available especially to get the media and the access will be only available via Facebook API part.

Now the problem is that version is not implemented yet and that is why the developer decided to disable the feature for the time being.

Rest assured that we will continue to release the new versions as soon as the developer gives the new version. It may have a little bit of delay as we also in our part should test the plugin on each release to make sure that it is compatible with our theme.

Rest assured that both us and the plugin developer are aware of this and highly focused to find a solution.

You guys need to wait for the new releases of the plugin. Nothing else we can offer for the time being.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Thanks @christopher.amirian but this is incorrect. The last post from the developer states it should be fixed now. Yet we cant seem to work out what we are missing. Hence why I asked if anyone has access to the support forums.

Hi Christian,

after last Instagram API failure yesterday I’ve seen that The Grid was update to 2.6.16 version (that seems to have fixed the problem) but I can’t see the update on my WP dashboard even if I disable the plugin. I have the 2.6.15 version installed, can you help me please? Thanks!

Hi @stephenvz and @iggenio

You will need to wait till we finish our assessment of the new version and make sure that it is not conflicting with our theme. This will take time.

Please read the Bundled Version section of the article below for more information:

There is no ETA for this but it is our highest priority to release the latest version.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

I just got a confirmation that the version 2.6.16 will be available in few hours in the automatic update.

Thank you.


this already pushed for me, and it seems to have fixed our instagram feed. Thanks!

Glad that the issue is fixed :slight_smile:

Everything fixed thank you for your support!

Glad to hear that. :slight_smile:

This is strange, I have updated and im still getting

No content was found for the current ursername(s) and/or hashtag(s).

Would anyone that has it working mine sharing what settings they have?

Hello there,

Kindly check if you have @ at the beggining of your username, and # in the hashtag. If there is, please remove these symbols in your settings.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, though it just started working this morning with no change. Im guessing it has to do with the new api restrictions.

Hey There,

That could also be the case. We are not so sure how Instagram does it. Maybe the API blocks some users or hashtags or could be something that of their restriction for any access. The author of the plugin wrote this following in the release of the update:

IMPORTANT! Instagram API change
Instagram have changed its API the 4th April 2018. For now, the official API does not support anymore Media endpoints (to get media from users).
Due to these new restrictions, it is, currently, not possible to retrieved more than 9/12 posts from an user. The way to fetch these posts from Instagram is not offical and may not work at any time.
Thank you for your understanding.

I even tested in my local testing server and in my case, it just not work when using just the username. It only works when you insert a hash tag regarding whether you insert a username or not. Therefore, I can say that the update might work for some others or any in some parts of the world and in most of the other users will not work.

Hope this helps.

Version 2.6.17 (Updated Instagram API methods) released April 13th is working again.

Glad to hear it’s working now.


I’m seeing 2.6.16 as the latest version within “The Grid” app on WP.

Is there a way to manually update - or check for an update, that I missed?

Thanks in advance!

Hey There,

Thanks for updating this thread. The WordPress plugins section will display the latest version update. You can not check any updates you’ve missed.

Please update to the latest version instead.

Thanks @RueNel for the quick response.

I am on the plugins section as you have said, but it does not show that The Grid has an available update. I am on 2.6.16 looking for 2.6.17.

What am I missing?