Insert Element in Non-Cornerstone Button Missing

Since the last update, we are not seeing the insert cornerstone element button in the standard WordPress editor. Any ideas?

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Hi There,

For the moment, please use the shortcode manually.

Thank you.

Also, need to be able to insert basic WordPress elements (e.g., upload a PDF to Media Library and insert link in middle of a text element).

Just wanted to add my +1 to this topic - I use the “insert cornerstone element” in my existing Wordpress pages all the time and it is a big problem for this to be missing. Please fix as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! In the latest version of X/Pro, the old X Shortcode insert button were removed because it is already outdated and no longer part of the theme. All the X shortcode features were integrated in Cornerstone. You can still manually insert the shortcode to your page as it will work and based on the classic elements as long as Cornerstone is active. You can also make use of our shortcodes demo as a guide:

At the moment, there are no plans of adding it back because all of those shortcodes are part of Cornerstone. It would be best that you create the page or post in Cornerstone. In some cases, the manual shortcodes added in the Visual/Text Editor creates issues when viewed on a live page.

Thank you for your understanding.

This sucks. I used that Cornerstone shortcode button all the time. I don’t like building all of my pages in the full Cornerstone editor - too clunky and cumbersome.

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Sorry about that.

You can use our KB or demo sites to get the shortcodes.


I agree. removing this functionality is causing me quite a bit of grief with clients that manage their own content and have no understanding of how to configure shortcodes manually. My company may have to rethink using XTheme for all of our websites moving forward without this functionality, specifically in Visual Composer.

Sorry for the confusion. It is turned off by default now but you can enable it back by going to X > Cornerstone > Show Legacy Shortcode Generator or Pro > Settings if you’re using Pro. It would be enabled in the default WordPress editors but not inside Cornerstone.