In "Pro" Typography under "Theme options" is not working with "new elements"

I have updated to the latest “Pro 2.0.4”, updated WordPress, updated all plugins, and cleared cache. Nothing seems to be working to get typography under Pro “Theme options” to work with “new elements” it only works with “classic elements”. I can’t seem to change the style globally for any new element. Any suggestions to get this working?

Hello @Ripple_CG,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Can you please share website login details (url/username/password) in a secure note for us to take a closer look?


Hello There,

Thanks for providing the information. I have logged in and checked your site. Please keep in mind that in Pro 1.2.0 (, we have introduced the v2 elements where in the v2 elements has an advanced controls. You can set margin, padding, font style and other font related settings with v2 element.

And also, we have Font Manager in the theme. This is where you can manage and create a font to be used in your Typography settings. I have inspected your settings and it is just set as inherit.

You are suppose to select which font you will used which you have created in Pro > Fonts.

I am guessing that you do not have a clear understanding of how the font manager works in the theme. Please review this knowledge base article to give the idea of how you can manage and assign a font to the elements of the page. You can check it out here:

Hope this helps. Kindly let us know.

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