In Pro, can the header blocks wrap in responsive mode?

When viewed on mobile, my menu content in header is wrapping but not as a whole block.I have 3 blocks (containers) in the header. How can I get them each to wrap as a whole block, as required, when viewed on mobile. Thx

Hi @PlanetPluto,

Thank you for reaching out to us. You can do this by adding your elements in a single container instead of three containers. Another way could be by using Hide During Breakpoints feature. Add another bar with a single container let’s name it mobile bar and add all of your elements in there. Hide the mobile bar for desktop screens and similarly you need to hide the desktop bar in small screens as well.

You can change the orientation of the elements by changing the settings of your single container in Header Builder. Hope this helps!

Ah yes…a second header for mobile. Didn’t think of that. Thanks for getting back. It is very reassuring that you guys always seem to get to everyone.

Hi @PlanetPluto,

Yes having a separate bar for mobile should work. You might want to check on this too, it might help.


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