Importing Template Error

Hi there,

I am using Pro and have exported a footer template from a website I have made which displays as a .TCO file, which I have downloaded onto my computer.
Then I am opening another website I have created using Pro and trying to import it into the Template Manager.
I keep getting the error message ‘Uh Oh! The file you chose was invalid and not properly formatted’

I am wondering why this isnt working?

Both versions of the theme across both websites are the same, Version: 2.5.5

Let me know why this isn’t working, thanks!

Hello Jayd,

Would you mind uploading the template somewhere like dropbox and then share the link here so we can download it and try importing to our install. If it will also help, please share the site URL and admin username and password where you are importing the template inside a secure note so we can it there too. Thank you.

I’ve experienced the same problem! Any idea what the solution is?

Files attached in the secure note

Hello James,

Thanks for writing in!

Please create a new ticket as posting on a ticket created by a different user causes lot of confusion which slows down the response time. More so the details shared by you even in secure note is visible to the user that created the ticket.

Please delete the link shared in secure note and create a new ticket for us to take a closer look.

Thanks for understanding.

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