Importing google font to Font manager - headings options

Im trying to import Krub font to my webside for I could choose it in Font manager like a deafult font for headins. Only thing I did is I add font like an third option after headings and body fonts, but that is not what i wanted. How could I do that please?

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Hi @nezzazvoni,

Thanks for writing in!

If I understand properly, you wanted to add the Krub font. for your default heading.
If so, please add the Krub font in font manager as per the screenshot you have shared above.
Then go to theme Option -> Typography and enable the font manager.

Then you can now choose the font you have created for the font manager.

Hope this is something you are looking for!

Hello, your way is possible of course but it says I will have to set up this font in every one heading on my website. What I really want is say to web that there is some Krub font and make him use this font automatically for every headline on website. Now Im on situation Ive imported Krub font on font manager like a third font. Now I want to say to web to use it for every heading. I tried to write to css this:
.h1 {
font-family: ‘Krub’, sans-serif !Important;

.h2 {
font-family: ‘Krub’;

.h3 {
font-family: ‘Krub’;

.h4 {
font-family: ‘Krub’;

But headings are still in wrong font. So, can you help me to solve this please?
Thanks for it,

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Hey Tereza,

What Basanta showed you is the correct way to assign a font family for all headings. Specifically, it will apply to headlines in Classic Elements, entry title, widget titles and all plain headline tags like <h1></h1>.

For V2 elements, you will need first to setup a Preset Template or default element setting so that when you add a V2 element, it will automatically use your defaults including the font family. To do that:

1. Add an element to a page and configure its settings including the Font Family.

2. Then, save the element configuration as a Preset.

3. After that, under the builder’s main manu, go to Templates

4. Inside templates, click on the gear or cog icon in the lower left corner and choose Template Manager. In there, you can select the preset you’ve just made for the element and that will be used next time you add an element.

For complete details, please see

The only time you will want to use custom CSS for the headings is if you need to override the predefined heading font sizes because that is not offered in Theme Options. As for V2 elements, defining a default still applies.


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