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I need some help please. I kind of browsed the support forum, knowledge base and all the other topics I have found but I haven’t found exactly what I am looking for.
So, basically what I need is this: the possibility to add 2-5 images: thumbnail on each image and when I click the thumbnail/image to open it and zoom in a light box and then to have the previous/next image.
In Enfold, as an example, is called Gallery and basically you can add a number of images and then when clicking, the selected image will open in lightbox. It should be pretty basic stuff, but it seems that I can’t find any element fit for this.
Can you help please?
Thanks and best regards.

Hi there,

You might want to checkout the lightbox shortcode that comes with X.

Hope this helps.

I have an older version of X, which is not updated for several months.
In this older version, I could have insert shortcode, from Text element.
The problem is that in the new version of X with the improved cornerstone, I can’t seem to find how to insert the shortcodes.
I apologize, probably is something stupid but I just can’t find it

Finally I found someone explaining that shortcodes are disabled by default in the latest version of X.
Also according to creators of the theme "Show Legacy Shortcode Generator
Not reccomended. The old shortcode generator does not work for new elements, and is now hidden by default. "

So, maybe I am wrong, help me a little bit to see if I got this right: one of the greatest feature of the theme, shortcodes, which are also praised as a great feature, are actually kind of unavailable?
I must insert like 50 products for this client, each with 3-4 images, and it would have been so easy in Enfold, Avada and so on, but I bought X and it’s like a very difficult process now to insert a lousy gallery with lightbox? Also this new cornerstone with new elements are 1k times worse that the previous version and the whole theme seems like being in a transition between old (classic) elements and v2 elements.
I will not buy this theme ever again and my opinion will reflect in the review I will made. I am so disappointed in this and if I wouldn’t be so close to deadline, I would just buy enfold and quit working in this theme.
Please tell me I am wrong and I have no reason to be mad on this situation, please tell me that inserting a lousy gallery with lightbox and few images, it’s not such an annoying and difficult process in this new improved X version.

Hi there,

With the first issue, you can use grid elements and it comes with the lightbox features. They are bundled with the theme for that purpose. The lightbox shortcode is a bit old but should be still usable like in the provided URL above, in fact, it’s only there for backward compatibility for sites that still uses it.

About the shortcode generator, the shortcodes are part of the elements. It’s no use to include it in a text element, you can easily add them as elements in the builder instead of shortcodes.

But of course, you can still enable it in Admin > X or Pro > Settings > Show Legacy Shortcode Generator. And it’s only available on WP standard editor since the shortcodes are meant for that.


Unbelievable, Rad, you are missing the whole point? They have to be included in the text editor, that is the whole point!!!

Shame on you…

Reposted and has anything changed or do we still have to stay on this early version?


Firstly, I do love x theme, however, the latest developments have failed developers.

The introduction of the V2 elements should be an addition and not affect the functionality of the Classic Elements, yet the existing “Insert Shortcodes” and “Insert Media Object” from within a text block have been removed and have rendered Cornerstone cumbersome, heavy and unworkable…

Please make the coding editor (the single most important component) with unicode text, colourful language highlights and similar to “Notepad ++” with functional search and replace options.

Repair the existing “Insert Shortcodes”, “Insert Media Object” and additional icons, to work within a text block as a configurable work-area.

FORGET about a rich text editor, it breaks code and is NEVER needed, there is a preview window for that (which still needs work and should preview all, including javascript).

Until the changes, I suggest that EVERYONE remain on version 1.1.1 or find another solution until the X THEME developers restore functionality.

… and by the way, enabling the classic elements as suggested WILL NOT help at all.

Thanks or the feedback have a great weekend.

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