Images do not display when I import them - and text does not display correct

I have been trying to finish my personal website and for some reason when I make different rows / columns and import images-they do not display and also the text that I write next to the images, overlaps onto the images. I have tried creating a new page, but it happens each time. My website is also up to date, therefore I do not know how to fix this.

Hello Emily,

Thanks for writing in! Did you use Pro editor in building your pages? If you import the pages, you will need to use migration or simply save the page as a page template and then import it to the site using the template manager. Please check out this knowledge base articles:

See also “Working with Templates” in this article:

If you can send us the staging URL, where you have exported from) and the final URL where you have imported the page so we can compare and investigate more about your issue.


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