Images are not diplayed at the editor


I’m building a new page on my website: The problem is that when I add an image at the image element it is not displayed on the editor. I need to “SAVE” and click the preview button to open a new tab to see how it looks. At each change I need to repeat the process which is very time consuming.

There is any known bug with this? I’m using Firefox 69.0.2 (64-bit) on OSX 10.14.2

Thank you

Hello Alex,

Thanks for writing in!

Upon checking the website, I see it’s using old version of X Theme 6.5.6 and Cornerstone 3.5.5. Please update X Theme and Cornerstone to latest version which as of today is X 7.0.4 and Cornerstone 4.0.4 in order to avoid conflict and new version comes with host bug fixes and improvements. Once you have updated X Theme and Cornerstone, please clear cache and then reload the page and see how image renders in the preview panel.

Please take a look at following resources to update X Theme and Cornerstone:


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