Image gallery, on click zooms in

I am trying to have users be able to click on an image, and upon click the image opens up in an overlay box where the its zoomed in and bigger. Basically to be able to click on any of the 3 images and have it enlarge. How do I go about doing this? This would almost be like a media gallery. I read that you can do it but requires a short-code, I might be wrong tho. Please help out. My domain is

Thanks again

I am following this post: However i dont even have a create a media gallery option, like you guys talk about in the article, see below:

Update found the image gallery, but all i actually want to do is have a lightbox gallery appear when i click on an image, how do i do that?

Hi there,

It is better to use the Lightbox shortcode instead. Please kindly read this article for more information:

Hope it helps.