I'm stuck with this X theme and live preview, please help

So… I have a page, and have pressed ‘edit with cornerstone’.

I get three options which look like this:

I watched some YouTube videos on how to use it and this isn’t what was shown, and I can’t get a live preview of the page and just get stuck in an endless loop. I thought X was easy to use and had a live previewer, is there something wrong?

any solutions?

Hello @Nicky_S14,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I am sorry for the problem you are facing while using Cornerstone. X and Cornerstone are pretty easy to use Theme and page builder. Can you please try out general solutions we have compiled in following resource:

If it does not help, please share login details in a secure note for us to take closer look.


Edit: actually, it’s okay I’m just going to go for a refund. I had the divi theme and builder before this and worked perfectly with no stress. It’s too much for me going through all this troubleshooting, not worth the hassle.

Hi There,

Sorry for the hassle, but if you could give us a chance to troubleshoot the site, we might able to find out what is causing that issue. You can provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can investigate the issue.

Thank you,

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