iLightBox options and general information

dear support,
how to utilize that iLightBox feature? add a class to a picture link?
in my case linking a picture to another bitter picture file of the same picture produces a lightbox. but there is no close button for example and the background is black. is there a list of features/options and how to use them?
thanks a lot! kai

Hi there,

Thanks for posting in.

Please check this sample

There should be close button, unless your icons aren’t loading, please provide a sample URL that has this issue.


hi rad,
thanks a lot. i should have said that i know about the link you mentioned.
it would be helpful for me to have some sample code and where to put it exactly in the theme.
i don’t want to use the shortcut, though.
that is with chrome.
with safari the lightbox does not show up at all.
thanks again! kai

Hey Kai,

What you’re seeing is not a lightbox. Your image just links to another image.

Here’s the usage instruction to setup a lightbox.

You need to use the shortcode for the lightbox and put it in a Raw Content element because there is no element for it. Please see this screen recording to see what I mean.


hey christian,
thanks a million for your great explanation and video!
i would have never figured this one out otherwise!
maybe that one would be one for the list of updates in the future? to have a simple switch or something to activate the lightbox for whatever media element i am using :wink:
also having some design options for the lightbox would be very nice.
have a nice sunday! kai

You’re welcome, Kai. And, thank you for your feedback. I’ll submit that as feature request.


thanks for submitting this!
would you have a hint for me how/where to customise the design of the lightbox feature?
thanks again! kai

Regretfully, there’s no option to edit the lightbox. For that, you’ll need to seek help from a third party developer to provide you with custom CSS.


thanks christian! any recommendations for a lightbox plug-in which works well with pro?

The grid plugins bundled in X include their own lightbox. I have no list of third party lightbox plugins but any lighbox plugin should work with the exception of iLightbox which X uses.


thanks a lot! i just want to make once in a while one picture clickable to show it bigger. so the grid is too much. but i will search for another plugin like you suggested. have a great day! kai

You’re welcome, Kai.

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