I want to know where to put the links in the hero header

Hi There,

Thank you for your reply, that is the Bar 2's lower layer background.

You'll see that option by inspecting the Bar.

You can clear the upper layer background if you don't like the overlay color effect on the background-image.

Hope that helps,

Hello Dear Friech,

thanks for your reply. And I found where to replace the image as per you show.

Do you know what is the idea size for the BACKGROUND LOWER LAYER part? So we make the perfect looking?


The image used for that template has the size of 2500px by 660px

You can use similar size or much lower but it really depends on how you want it to look like.

You might need some trial and error until you get what you want.


Hello Dear Paul,

Thanks for your reply.

It solved my question. But I found another problem for the header. I used hero header and just keep bar 1 and removed bar 2. Then the bar 1 is overlap the text part. Where to setup the margin between header and the text part?

Hello Daphne,

Please set your Bar's position to Relative.


Hello Dear Christian.

Yes. It works. Thanks

you are most welcome.


Hello Dear Basanta,

Thanks for your reply.

I almost finished the whole site now with the help of the moderators.

But when I view the site from mobile phone, I found some problems. Some contents are missing with the mobile version.

But the desktop version it is all finished. You can refer to the site: https://yhsay.com/

I don't know why and how to fix it.

Hi There,

That's the Integrity 1 Demo content for mobile. The Timeline sections has a Hide During Breakpoints option on them. The fourth one is the Timeline: Small which is specific to only show on mobile view, because of its Hide During Breakpoints option for extra large, large, and medium were enabled. While the first three section has the opposite settings, those were set up to show only on desktop view and hidden on mobile. The sections that you're editing all this time is only for the desktop view.

Please watch this clip to have a better idea how Hide During Breakpoints works. If you need a detail explanation please read this post.

Hope this shed some lights,

Hello Dear Friech,

Thanks for your reply!

But I have checked the setting for Hide during breakpoints . I did not set the ***first three section** with only show on desktop. Even if we set it only show on the desktop, then this section will hide (not show ) on mobile, but now it is not hidden, but with the demo content. While on desktop, it is shown with our editted content. I don't know why.

Hi There,

Your first 3 sections are visible on Desktop but hidden on mobile. The 4th Section is the one that you're seeing on mobile, that is the section that you need to edit.

It's weird that you're using PRO but the demo you have (integrity 1) is for X, maybe this is an incompatibility issue. And I see that you're still using PRO version 1.1.1 which is kind of outdated, the latest version is PRO v1.2.7. As you can see in my video clip above the Cornerstone interface is different.

If your schedule allows, I advise updating your PRO to the latest version.

Updating Your Themes and Plugins

Anyways If you still have an issue with this, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


I don't understand which part I need to edit to fix the problem.

And yes, I purchased X and Pro, both I purchased. But I don't know why I am on X demo.

I can offer you the login credentials by private message?


No, not on private message but on a secure note, Look for the key icon on the bottom right on your previous post.



Hello Dear Friech,

Thanks for your reply,

I tried to update the plugins in the backend as you told just now.

But the website cannot be opened now.


Did you interrupt (suspend) the updating process? You should wait for it to finish. Please login to your server via FTP or cPanel, and on the root WP folder, please delete the file .maintenance

That should bring back the site.

How to Fix Maintenance Error in WordPress

Hello dear Friech,

I have updated you about the login in the secrect note. And I have brought back the site with your solution.

Now I hope I can solve the problem of these 2 with your kind help.

  1. the mobile version appears right.

  2. the correct version installed on the site. Thanks very much for your help. and I am sorry for bothering so much.

Hi Daphne,

Please watch this screencast, keep in mind that there is no issue on the mobile view, you just need to update the mobile content (4th section.)

For updating the Theme please follow thoroughly either the Automatic Updates or the Manual Updates guide provided here.

If you have further queries, we kindly ask to create a new thread as this one is drifted off from the original issue.

Hope it helps,

Hello Dear Friech,

Thanks very much for the pains you take to make me understand!

I think I totally understand how to make the mobile view now.

About the updates, I will check your guide! Since thanks and best wishes.

On behalf of my colleague, you're welcome. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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