I need support for Legacy X

I will go BUY the Renewed SUPPORT
Please give me a link to pay you for the right license
which is in the secured note.
thank you

Hi @amar007,

Thanks for reaching out.

We do always provide support here in the forum and it’s the same as even when you bought or extended the support in Envato. You can check it here https://themeforest.net/item/x-the-theme/5871901/support

And you may check this as well https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/how-to-get-support/288 as a reference. We did transitions from the old forum, to HelpScout, and now to Apex forum for providing support. It should serve as the updated guide for getting support here in our current forum.

As for the issue, I checked your account and it’s been 4 years and you probably updating it from a very old theme version. And that could be the reason for the issues you’re getting, I’m afraid I’m not able to examine of what went wrong since you already updated it. Perhaps you can restore your site to when it’s still working? Then create a staging of your working site (a clone) in the sub-directory or sub-domain of your existing site.

With your staging, you can update and test it, more importantly, you can compare the issues and see what fixes are needed since you have a working copy of your site. Upgrading from very old version to the latest version is more of a site maintenance and it’s only recommended to do the site’s maintenance away from your live site.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with site’s maintenance from the ground-up, but we can help and guide you to determine the cause of issue one at a time, and possibly find the possible fix if it’s not complex. Still depends on what’s already added on your site prior to the version when it’s still working.

As for the creation of your site’s staging, it’s either use your hosting’s staging feature or create it manually, please check this https://pagely.com/blog/wordpress-staging-site-create/. But personally, this is how I do my staging:

I. Preparation

  1. Decide to where you’ll install your Staging, it’s either sub-domain or sub-folder
  2. Create a sub-domain or sub-folder in your site using your hosting’s CPanel/File Manager

a. https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/cpanel/cpanel-manage-domains/creating-a-subdomain
b. https://my.bluehost.com/hosting/help/2238

You may also check your hosting’s documentation in case they aren’t using CPanel/File Manager

  1. Install Wordpress to your sub-domain or sub-folder (please check this https://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress)

  2. Once Wordpress is installed to your sub-domain or sub-folder then it’s now your staging, install All in one migration plugin to your staging

II. Cloning/Migration (assuming you already restored your site to when it’s still working - old verions)

  1. Install All in one migration plugin to your main/live site (the working copy of your site)
  2. Export your live site as a file using that migration plugin ( https://help.servmask.com/knowledgebase/all-in-one-wp-migration-user-guide/ )
  3. Import the exported file to your staging using the same migration plugin

And you’re done, you have now a cloned copy of your site as staging. Then you can update the theme and plugins on your staging for testing and troubleshooting. Once all tested and issues are fixed, you can use the same migration process to move the working copy of your staging to your live site,

Back to your existing issues, I recommend starting a new thread for each of your question/issues and provide the credentials of your live site and staging site into the secure note.


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