I don't see where the DEMO content is for the X Pro Theme I just installed

Can you tell me where I can download the demo content and import that?

thank you

Or maybe I don’t need the PRO version of the theme and is it possible to get a refund and go with the standard X theme instead?

Hello There,

Thanks for writing us in. Please be advised that Pro theme does not have a demo contents. Pro theme is designed for intermediate and advanced users like designers, coders, developers etc. If you need a demo content, please install X theme first and import the demo content. Once the demo contents are in place, you can switch back to the Pro theme and start modifying the demo by adding your content or custom header and custom footer.

Hope this helps.

Ok thanks, I’ve been using X theme for many years as a designer so I should be able to handle that, just didn’t know all the differences between X and PRO. thanks.

You’re welcome!
We’re glad we were able to help you out.

Oh! Didn’t realize Pro wouldn’t come with those Demos! I was hoping to hit the ground running myself. Are there instructions on how to import the demo content from the X theme and then switching back and working with Pro? I like the idea of it being more flexible, but yeah, wasn’t expecting to start it all from scratch. I can code, but can’t design lol


You can save your pages in X as templates

Then go to Template Manager and download your templates

After that, you load import your templates in PRO via template manager

For more information kindly refer to the link below


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