I dont see a "demo content" box on my validation page

I’m trying to import some demo content - but I don’t see a “demo content” box on my validation page…

Hi there,

The import demo content is not available in Pro.

You might want to check the Design Cloud feature instead:

Hope this helps.

I was under the impression that Pro had everything X had + more. Is this not correct?

Hello @WJWelsh,

Thanks for updating the thread.

It depends how one is looking at X Theme and Pro Theme. At the core Pro Theme comes with Header and Footer builder, design cloud and Content builder. Using Pro Theme header and footer builder, users can design unique or global header and footer just by dropping elements in builder.

Something to understand about demo contents is that Pro Theme was written from ground up using complete different templating system. To overcome the problem of demo content in Pro Theme we came up with an idea of Design Cloud. To learn more about how to use design cloud, please take a look at following video:

To get started with header and footer builder, please take a look at following tutorial from KB:


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