I can't show an image fullscreen

I’m having trouble to make an image full screen, the resolution of the image is 1080 on 720 px.
Things I did:
Import it as an image element
Import it as a column background
set the “inner container” setting of the row to : off
Set the page template to “blank - no container Header Footer”

The image are 4 photos merged together, because I already gave up on making 4 images together fullwidth and fullheight.

Is there any obvious setting I’m missing that you can just say: This image needs to be fullscreen?

The link is in private

I will disable coming soon mode, so you can see what’s going on,
Do you need screenshots of any specific settings?

Thanks for helping me out,


Hey Eduard,

I’m sorry but I can’t picture out what your end goal is here. Fullscreen is tricky depending on what output you want because of aspect ratio. Your image’s aspect ratio must be close to the aspect ratio of the container. Please see read through a similar thread here. first.

To answer your question, we need the following details first:

  1. How can your images become full screen when you have a sticky Navbar? Do you mean it must take into account the height of the Navbar?

  2. Do you want the image grid to be fullscreen or do you want individual images only?

  3. What should it look like in mobile?

  4. Are all parts of your images important? The aspect ratio of a desktop and laptop screen is in landscape and mostly portrait on mobile. You need to take that into account.

  5. Is it ok that parts of your image be cropped?

Answering all of those questions will give us an idea on what’s best for you to use.


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