I can't activate the license of X theme

I can’t activate the license of X theme. Can you please help to check?

Hi Susan,

Thank you for writing in and sorry to hear that you’re having that issue.

Here’s the error when I try to validate the theme.

This indicates that your hosting provider has not enabled or installed the cURL extension. Please reach out to them and ask to enable it which will resolve this.

You can use the sample letter we provide here for contacting your host regarding this issue.


Thank you very much for your help. Let me contact them now

Let us know how it goes,


It’s activated successful now. I have another issue, can you please take a look again? I can’t choose the demo options to import. When I open the console of the browser, I see the js error from the validation file. Can you please take a look and solve it?


Hi Susan,

There are multiple possible causes of the case. I checked the backend of the website and found out the JS error. The error indicates that the dropdown of the demos can not get the list of demo content and that shows you can not connect to our server to get the demo content list from your WordPress installation, and/or there is not enough PHP memory limit to be able to get the information.

I went o X > Status and checked the server information of your installation. The first thing to do is to increase the PHP memory limit to 512M and here is hot to do so:

Kindly, contact your hosting service provider if it is not possible for you to increase the memory limit yourself.

I would also encourage you to contact your hosting service provider and ask them to make sure that it is possible for the WordPress installation to contact https://theme.co/ and all its subfolders.

Finally, I would rename the X folder in the themes folder of my WordPress installation and would try to install a new version again to rule out any corrupt installation problem.

Thank you.

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