I can't activate my API key with 4.1.1 version

Hi guys,

I’m trying to activate the license on our website



but it keep giving me this error:
"Could not establish connection. For assistance, please start by reviewing our article on troubleshooting connection issues."

The end goal is to update the Cornerstone as it is currently not working and i’m assuming it has to do with incompatibility issue with the current wordpress version and X Theme v4.1.1


Hi there,

The version of X you’re using worked off an older automatic update system that used API keys. For a while now we’ve been on a new system that just uses the purchase code directly. Regretfully you will need to update X manually. Once updated you’ll be able to validate which will allow you to receive future automatic updates.

Hey Alex,

I’m the project manager for this task. So Do we have to upgrade all the way from v4.1 to the latest version?
Should we also upgrade to pro? what’s the advantage?

Hello @x-online,

I just had a look at your website and you need to update the theme manually from 4.1.1 to the latest release of X Theme version 5.2.4. I am sharing link to our theme and plugin update guide that you can refer:

Upgrading to Pro is completely dependent on your choice and requirement. Pro is a new offering from Themeco to provide customers with more advance features and functions like header and footer builder. So if you want greater control on elements and more flexibility while developing websites, you can take a look at Pro Theme. To learn more about the concept and vision behind launching Pro, please take a look at following post:

I am also sharing few resources from our knowledgebase that you can take a look regarding Pro theme:


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