I Cannot see the Demo Themes in Wordpress

I have changed my wbesite and redirected a different URL to my website. I still have access to X and also Cornerstone - but I cannot see any Stack Options and I cannot access any of the templates like I used to be able to.

Do I need to reinstall X or something.

Please help.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for writing in!
This issue may be due to redirection URL, which may not be properly configured.
We are quite unsure about the issue you have here, can you please describe a little bit with your website details in a secure note so that we can give you a proper answer.


I don’t know how to use secure note.

Basically I had a website setup a few months ago. But decided to change the theme and rebuild a new one with a new URL from scratch.

I am hosted at hostgator.

So I redirected a new URL to my hostgator account.

I then went into the WP-Admin panel they have and reinstalled the X.zip file that I had when I first purchased X.

Now I want to play with the templates and demos but cannot.

I remember before there were drop down menus where you could take a look at different demos and templates in real time to choose one.

I can’t do that now.

I cannot see anything.

Also, I do not have the option to edit blogposts in Cornerstone anymore. Not sure why.

I have reinstalled the X theme twice. I have tried to revalidate it but it says the site is validated so no validation needed.

Hey Paul,

I see you’re still using an old version of Cornerstone. Please uninstall Cornerstone and go to X > Validation and X will reinstall the latest compatible version of Cornerstone for you.

Regarding the demo, are you not seeing this?

Or, are you referring to the old page templates? If this is the case, they were phased out. It was replaced by the Starter Templates you can download in X > Templates. For more details, please see the Template Manager documentation at https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/template-manager/20364


How to uninstall.

I deactivated it in the Plugins and then deleted it but when I clicked on X it was still there and accessible. Not sure how to uninstall.

I will take a look at the X-templates and if have a problem let you know.


Regarding Cornerstone, apparently right now i have v3.3.8 which as far as I can tell is the latest version.

Regarding the templates, I cannot see the Demo Content graphic above. I should be seeing that right?

I can access the Templates but I am not familiar with this interface for building.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Paul,

You should be able to see that demo content generation section, when you head over to X -> Validation area.

It seems that either your X theme or Cornerstone plugin files may have been corrupted. I would suggest you to delete both of your X theme and Cornerstone plugin. Then download the latest version of X theme from your Envato account and then head over to WordPress dashboard and re-install it.

Once you install X theme, it will automatically install the latest version of Cornerstone plugin as well. Then head over to Settings -> Permalinks section, select the option postname and save the changes to reset your .htaccess file as well. Then try access X -> Validation and see if you’re getting the demo content generation area.

If you’re still having issues, please provide us with your WordPress login credentials in a secure note to check your issues further.


I cannot see the demo content there.

I have logged into my Envato account but seems I have to pay again for the X Theme to download the updated file.

Honestly. I have been struggling with this for 24 hours now. This is becoming a serious pain point for me.

okay…it seems to be working.


Please keep this threat open for 24 hours to make sure it is working.

I will read the thread above on templates.

Sorry for my frustration. I have nuked the site 5 times today and reinstalled WP and X the same number of times.

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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