I bough X theme and immediately converted to Pro. How do I import template? Everything is blank in Pro

I bough X theme and immediately converted to Pro. How do I import template now? XML import doesn’t help and it’s broken content without theme. Everything looks blank in Pro. I have already spent couple of days and night to get use to with Pro and tired but I could not find a way to see anything other than unbroken page only with builder Pro. If I would have a X theme active and used enough then I would move to Pro that would be different case. But before even seeing X and how it works for Pro work I just accepted your marketing pop up offer after opening account in apex but doesn’t mean I should be locked down to a builder only without any template or content at all. Please help to figure out to get back templates and content. I can fresh setup WP once I get feedback.

There is all over plugins popping up for update and some of them says not valid license and show error. I will explain in specific later more once content or template issue is solved. Also how do I send private ticket, not interested to share in public next time?

I wrote this after spending several days and a lot of effort without a good result in the end. Hope you will try to understand. Thanks.

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Hey Ziaul,

We’re sorry if you were confused. Our Standard and Expanded demos which you can see at https://theme.co/x/demos/ are only available for X. If you want to try out those demos first, you can:

  1. Download X from Themeforest
  2. Install and activate X in your site.
  3. Validate your site using the Themeforest Purchase Code.

Pro on the other has the Design Cloud. For more details about the Design Cloud, please see https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/template-manager/20364#design-cloud

One common thing in X and Pro is the Theme Options Manager. If you have imported a Standard demo in X in a test or development site for example, you can export the theme options into your live site using Pro. That is just a use case to help you understand. For more details, please see https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-demo-content/56

Hope that helps.

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