I am lost and can't use this at all


I bought this a few weeks ago and this is completely beyond me. I totally misunderstood what this product is. I have never build a website and I am not smart enough to ap[ply any of your themes to the website I started building in WordPress without changing everything to some random themco content which I then cannot change (or don’t understand how to do it). I have spent far too many days trying to work this out and I am too frustrated to continue. I wish that there would have been a free trial so I could have figured this out before buying the license. Is there any way Themeco can cancel my license and give me a refund. I am really unable to use this.

Hi there,

I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time getting started with the theme.

X offers a lot of features that are quite useful and easy to use once you wrapped your head around it. If you are having troubles getting started. we have some demo content available that you can import on your site. That way, you will have some page that you can simply edit using Cornerstone.

Also, Cornerstone comes with X which is a page builder that makes page creation easier and faster. Here is an intro video that will help you understand its basic functions.

We also have a lot of articles in our Knowledge Base that are quite helpful when you want to know some features and some tips about X.

Lastly, since X is sold on ThemeForest, we cannot handle refund requests for it. You can make a request here.

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Hey, I have exactly the same Issue, but with the pro theme. I bought it because I thought it would be great for customizing my website, but after several days of trying to figure it out I got to frustrated over it and reset my wordpress. I am now using a more intuitive website builder.
Is there a way that I can get a refund for the theme, as I am not going to be using it. I bought it through here as it is the pro theme.
Thank you kindly,

Hi There,

Thanks for your feedback.
We are really sorry that you feel like this about our product. Pro having lots of useful features which helps customers to build their website very quickly. If you want any help from us let us know so that we can happy to help you any time.

You can also check our knowledge base for any kind of help.


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