I am currently trying to create a text box

I’ve made a text box in the past and was able to get it to look like this…

Whatever coding I currently have on my current homepage no longer works, or is not applicable. So…I am again stuck…
The page I am currently building is NOT live and is under draft mode. So I will provide user login info etc in private msg.

Also, I am trying to get the background section larger so that I can get the full image to display… but… I want the text box to be somewhere near the side and centered vertically if that makes sense. Thank you

Hi Brian,

Thank you for writing in, please inspect the Text element that is on your homepage, you can see that you added inline-styling there and custom CSS on the Element CSS area.

The best way you can do is, save that Section 3 on your home page as a template. And then load that template to your “Home Page #2

Template Manager


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