How was done?

Can we get details on how this was achieved?


Hello @flashfog,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

It’s a custom layout that we have designed using Pro Theme. I suggest you to take a look at knowledge base articles and videos to get started with Pro Theme.


Could you guys offer it as a template to import the blocks & make changes?

Hi There,

Unfortunately, this page is not offered as a template.

Thanks for understanding,

I am not understanding!

You hold the carrot and then not give it.

I think it’s fair to say a company that sells tools to promote oneself should offer as standard the very things it creates to promote itself. Otherwise you are just showing that your builder could be better and that you know exactly what is it that could improve it, and yet not implement it. Why?


Thanks for writing in. We have never claimed anywhere that any of our sales pages are available as templates, because they are just that: sales pages, not templates. We very explicitly list out what sort of resources are available as templates, starter content, et cetera, in multiple places throughout our website, but here are some main links:

True. but when I do go to a restaurant I do expect to eat the same food the staff eats…

thanks for the links, there is some good stuff there. I do wish you saw the irony!

Our sales pages are not the “food” from the restaurant in this analogy, but rather the “menu.” They are merely a vehicle to inform you on what you’re getting and to help you decide what you want.

Thank you for your understanding.

I think when I look at a theme developer’s own website I should be able to assume that what I am looking at counts as a true example of what the theme can do, for me, out of the box. That is a fair assumption, no?

If you guys were in any other business this would be less so. I take your marketing pages as food samples, a menu system where one gets to try first, in this case trying means judging the beautiful page you guys made.

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@flashfog, as stated many times previously, we have never, and will never state that our sales pages are part of our offering. We state very clearly elsewhere what is offered with purchase.

Thank you.

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True… you never state that. If people assume that the builder’s own pages are off limits, that’s where they are wrong. OK

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