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I had difficulties doing this. I want to make a sidebar on the right and utilize all of the spaces and margins in one of my pages. Once I added a sidebar, the sections of every page narrowed down.
Here’s what I want to do:

I want to edit the sidebar in cornerstone and add an element to it. Is that possible knowing that I can’t edit a sidebar using cornerstone and can’t add an element on that area.

And also I want to expand the borders of the entire section of the page without affecting other pages. I can only expand the sections to use the entire spaces of the page on the customize area but it also affects the particular layout of other pages which giving me a hard time to do what I only suppose to do on one page. The borders of the section narrowed down when there is a sidebar added on a page and I need help to point out how this should be done. I tried a lot of the limited ideas I have but found it not useful.

Please help me figure out this changes. Thank you!

Hi There,

Sidebar content cannot be edited using Cornerstone. It’s content is on Appearance > Widgets Though, we can use cornerstone element shortcode on the sidebar. See shortcodes here.

To adjust maximum width of this page, we can use custom CSS. See this:
The entire page container is controlled on Theme Options/ Customizer. Yes, that settings is for every page of the site. We can override that setting using custom CSS instead.

.page-id-69 .x-container.max.width.main { /*Adjust the following values accordingly*/
    width: 100%;
    max-width: none;

Change 69 to your specific page id.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much! It works! Thanks to all of you!
Happy Holidays!

You’re welcome and Happy holidays!

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