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me again: as I mentioned I just started using PRO and am using Thrive Architect, DIVI (+Builder) and so on for the past years. Now I don’t get how to start with building sites with Pro. So there’s a header builder, a content builder, a footer builder, but how do I build one page fill it with design an content? Do I have to build everything separately and stick it together afterwards?

I don’t find anything to get started in the knowledge base, but maybe I’m not looking right :smiley: Maybe you can give me a hint where I can start looking and starting with the journey.

Thanks again in advance and sorry that I’m so clueless :slight_smile:


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First of all, I suggest that you bookmark this page as it is an index of the Knowledgebase and it will help you to find the proper information you need:

Regarding the question, unfortunately, the Pro Theme does not have the One Page functionality completely implemented. If you do not use the Header Builder and just use the default header of the theme by not assigning any header to the pages in the header builder you can use this method:

Again, this is not working completely and the animation stops behind the header if the header is sticky but this will be implemented soon.

There is few workaround presented for temporary usage which is mentioned here:

Thank you.

Well, I don’t get how to build a site with PRO. Where do I start?

Hi there,

Pro has three main features in page building. The header, content, and footer builder. It also has some built in Theme Options that you can use to customize your site.

There is no specific way to start building a site with Pro but what I can suggest is for you to familiarize yourself with the options that you can find in the Theme Options area. You could see this in Pro > Theme Options. There you can set global settings like fonts, site width, stack, and etc.

Once you have explored and set options in the Theme Options area, you can then go check the Header builder. There, you can build the header area of your site. You can also assign a global header or assign a header to a specific page.

After that, you could check the Footer builder and create your custom footer which just like the header building, you can assign to a specific page or set it as the global footer.

You may check this video for an intro to Header and Footer Builder:

Note that things mentioned above are mostly likely going to be used globally throughout the site. After you have created those, you can then start building the pages using the Pro content builder.

It would be best to check out our knowledge base which contains a lots of helpful articles and should help you be familiar with the theme.

Hope this helps.

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