How to setup the blog to look like "renew-2/blog"

How to make my blog (pro) look like this one from X:


Hello @Iban,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

  1. Let the blog layout be standard under Pro > Launch > Theme Options > Blog.
  2. You can select the layout as Global Content layout.
  3. Under Content, enable Post meta information.

Doing above should pretty much mimic the layout of Renew 2 blog layout. Please note that it will only mimic the layout, not UI and Style. In Order to make changes into UI you need to make customizations in CSS. I suggest you to take a look at following tools and resources with the yourself with CSS and Google chrome dev tools.


Thanks Prasant.

Question, When I assign the page as blog, I can’t edit with Cornerstone…
Can I add someway a new section with elements (under the posts) to add more stuff under??

Hey @Iban,

Yes, that is correct. The Blog is powered by the index PHP template and could not be edited Cornerstone nor anywhere else in WP Admin.

To your question:

Since it could not be edited, regretfully, this is not possible. This would require template customization which is outside the scope of our support.

What you can do instead is use Essential Grid or The Grid plugin to display your posts inside a Cornerstone built page. Both plugins come bundled in Pro.


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