How to set up ethos-1 We would like to set up like this but with a dark theme. We have tried to set it up by the directions but it will not work correct or we are doing something wrong. We were also unable to get wocom working ( Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.) or fourms working and not able to get the slider working either…Is there a better walk through on making our site look like ethos-1… For sure not a smooth install…lol

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I checked your site and it is same as the demo, only thing is there no content and the slider on the page.
To make the site similar Look please active the post carousel and Post Slider.

Make post randon order.

In the blog Option, make the Filterable Index as On and the field blank.

Regarding the dark theme, there is no such option to make Ethose dark but you can try custom CSS or adjust the menu bar color.

WooCommerece works perfectly in the theme, I am not sure what exactly you have the issue, let us know we can help you on this.
You can send us your website login details for further investigation. Post it in a secure note.


We will give this a try and add some content. This is just a blank site till we decide on this theme or 1 other we have. Seem to be a little learning curve on this theme…:slight_smile: We will update later today. Thank you so much for getting back to us…Todd

Kinda got the color matched to our old site some, but not able to display and fourms. Search with the top bar only gives blank search. Page with short code [bbp-forum-index] does not display anything…Man I need to learn this theme I think…Might not be a good theme for production on a new type website…Can not get a lot of stuff working I must be not understanding the theme directions or something is not installed correct. When I go to menu not much there? If we add a page for menu nothing shows? Hmmmmmm

Yea, there has got to be something wrong with install or theme as ever page is blank when you view it…Even demo content is blank page. Short codes seem to fail…I have posted a admin log in in a PM there is nothing personal on the site yet so feel fee to not worry. We might need to go to our other theme if we can not figure out how to use this theme and edit or add pages and have them show…Interesting theme though…Hard to learn I think…Might need a video walk through from the creators to see where there ideas are based on how to creating website… For facebook comments we were told is showing blank page also…??? Yup- for sure something is not working and must be our issue…HAHAHHA, fresh install and I broke it already…lol

Found a bug I think…Fixed page not showing by (X > Theme Options > Ethos > Post Carousel) and select any other option rather than “Featured” under “Display”. seems to work but not know if we add content and set as featured it will work?

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Seems the issue you have posted is confusing. Can you please summarise it in a single pointed post with screenshot of your all issues, so that it will help us to understand properly and give you a solution.

Meanwhile I would recommend you to please check the documentation for your issues. We have all the feature of the theme and issue well documented so that it will help customer to get their work smoothly. Also you can search in forum for issue and there might be some old post which may help you.

Please let us know!


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