How to roll back to previous version of X theme?

Hello support,

I just updated the previous version of X theme to the newest 5.1.1 by clicking on “update theme” in the Themes section. It did update but the result is shwoing messed up site. We are using a child theme.

Is there a way to roll back the theme to the previous version so it will show the site properly. Right now it is messed up.


Hello Ed,

Thanks for asking and sorry for the trouble you are facing. :slight_smile:

We don’t actually suggest our customers to run older version of X Theme and bundled plugins. Reason being new updates brings fresh features, bug fixes and more importantly running latest version of WordPress core, theme and plugins reduce the changes of site getting hacked. Would you mind sharing website URL for us to see what’s the problem you are facing? If you are running any cache plugins including Cloudflare, please clear cache and try loading the website again. I also hope you have taken a backup and followed the update procedure as explained in our theme and plugin update guide: