How to remove main menu from Integrity theme

How does one remove the main menu and header all together from Integrity theme?

I would like a clean landing page to connect to other sites via my own buttons


I would like my front page to look like this:

Instead of its current form that is this:

Thank you!


Hello there!

This seems like an easy one, but I may be overshooting the simplicity a little. Nevertheless, I’ll try to steer you in the right direction.

If you launch pro, you will see a section labeled “Headers”. Clicking on that section will open up all the headers you are currently using, or have built. You should be able to select the header to either edit, copy, or delete as you please.

Let me know how that worked out, or if I didn’t answer the question!

How do I add the Headers section in X Pro? I know I upgraded to Pro, but I do not see that section.



To achieve that, you can add this in PRO > Launch > Theme Options > CSS

.home .masthead {

Hope that helps.

The staff have actually produced a pretty in-depth video highlighting header and footer building. It’s a lengthy watch, but it covers almost everything concerning building headers and footers using pro theme.

It is available here:

Thanks for pointing that out, @Blotterhand. :slight_smile:

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