How to make category post look good in newspaper types

I want to ask that how we can make category archive page look good as compared to this big big…!!

Hey Rahul,

There are 2 Archive Layouts offered in the theme. What you’ve described sounds like the Standard layout which list posts in a linear fashion or 1 column layout so the thumbnails are big. Please try switching to the Masonry layout.

If you want more options, you will need to use either The Grid or Essential Grid. Both are bundled in Pro. For more details, please visit the links below.


I don’t want to show description in the view panel. Ans one more thing how to make post title look symetric. I mean to say that title of the page is not looking cool. I want to change it (Fonts and allignment etc.) Want theme like this

Hi Rahul,

Please add this CSS to your Theme Options > CSS to hide the excerpt.

.blog .entry-content.excerpt, .archive .entry-content.excerpt {
display: none;

Since the title varies, then it can’t be symmetric. Or maybe you’re referring a different design like cutting the title?


How to disable this text tittle center alignment off. This is looking bad and one more thing I don’t want this icon with it. let me know how to change and disable icon too.

Hello Rahul,

The text title alignment can be disabled by adding the following CSS code in the X > Theme Options > Global CSS (

.x-iso-container-posts .entry-title {
    text-align: left;
    padding: 0;
    width: 100%;

The Post title icon by the way can be disabled by going to X > Theme Options > Icon.

We would loved to know if this has work for you. Thank you.

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