How to integrity

how do i make a landing page like in the integrity demo. I like the large video background that scrolls down into the rest of the page. What element is that.

Also what element is used as you scroll down that gives you the appearance of a stationary image behind the page, that you get to peak at as you scroll down.

many thanks

Hello @godfather55v,

Thanks for writing in! There are multiple ways to achieve the video background effect you’re mentioning in the theme:

  1. You can use the page meta options for sliders, which were originally in place for X users to be able to place a feature like this before all other content on the website. Since you’re using Pro, you can…
  2. Add a video background to any bar in your header (this is the recommended way in Pro). You can check out our Header and Footer Builder Introduction article in the Knowledge Base to get a general overview of these features, or dive more in-depth with our Using Partials article, which goes into great detail on specific portions of the builders (including the “background” partial, which will give you some ideas there).
  3. In the page builder itself, sections have the ability to have video backgrounds as you build out your pages.

As for the “parallax” image effect you’re referencing, that can be done on sections in the page builder, but is not yet built out into the Header and Footer builders, but we have plans to introduce it down the road.

Hopefully this helps point you in the right direction, cheers!

is there a slider plugin that is recommended for easy of use w/ pro and conerstone?

Hi There,

For simple sliders you have on Cornerstone and Pro Page Builder the Slider Element.

For my complex sliders we have two Addons Revolution Slider and Layer Slider

I personally like Revolution slider

You can find them at Wp Admin > X or WP Admin > Pro

Hope it helps!