How to exclude current post from recent posts in Looper Provider query?

Hi Themeco team,

I am sure it is possible, and it is just me who is no proficient enough to put together the right Query String, but can you please advise how to exclude current post from recent posts in Looper Provider?

Thanks in advance

Hello Marcin,

Thanks for writing in! At the moment, the Recent Posts option in the Looper provider displays all the recent post items. There is no offset setting. Regretfully there is no option to exclude the current post from the recent posts in the Lopper Provider.

We’ve added this as a feature request so it can be taken into consideration for future development.


Thank you @ruenel for your reply. That is a bit disappointing, but good to know it has been noted and added as a feature request.


Hi Marcin,

You are most welcome

Hi @Marcin_Podwojski,

Just wanted to followup here and let you know we have added this for the next release which will be going live within a few weeks.

EDIT: My apologies, the feature we merged in reference to this comment was the ability to set an offset on loopers - not a way to exclude the current post. That item is still in our backlog.

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